Serinos Pizza - Crappy Customer service followed by crappy food.

Not resolved

Serino's messed up for the 2nd or 3rd time the delivery to another location feature using grubhub.This time when I called to let them know I spoke to some insolent manager that was more aggravated that I had the audacity to complain.

In no way should a botched delivery with missing items and a clumsy delivery man be ignored. They forgot the combo portion of a sandwich and decided to delay my order even further by driving through a Wendy's to grab a pop. They forgot the chips; my food was cold, rubbery and greasy due to the delay. When the delivery driver FINALLY arrived he broke my door bell.

When you called the store to complain and I treated poorly - I had to hang up on them.

To those who will brave the lack luster delivery and atrocious customer service I commend you. This place's food was good but not good enough to tolerate this type of behavior.

To the Owner, I feel bad for you, your staff is what is killing your establishment and your company’s inability to handle a bona fide complaint is infuriating.If your restaurant can not handle grubhub orders you should really re-analyze your system.

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